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 Ram Cleaner

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PostSubject: Ram Cleaner   Ram Cleaner EmptyTue Jun 09, 2009 5:26 pm

ur client lagg?....

use ram cleaner..maybe can help u...

ram free after open srver,client and Internet explorer..
Ram Cleaner Untitl18

how to use... open ram cleaner... n klik ram...
set how many ram u wan free..(important u must make ur free ram lebih sikit dr yg free sedia ada)
after that klik Clean Now...if now ur free 300mb..after clean maybe its free 400mb..
u can clean again but inccress free ram sikit..(REMEMBER... incress free memory must not over dr free ram yg sedia ada..)
semoga membantu...

Ram Cleaner-Easyshare Link
mirror link
Ram Cleaner-UsaUpload Link
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Ram Cleaner
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